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"Dream into Being"  Meditations

Beautiful 432Hz Crystal Sound bowls tuned to the Chakras, with a range of different Flutes from around the world, Clarinet, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes,  Rainstick and Ambient Soothing Pads with Binaural Beats













Featuring Healing & Centering Reiki infused Music at 432 Hz, feel surrounded by ambience from a fantasy forest with Nature elements and bird sounds. Let this soundscape take you to that magical calm, relaxing place, balancing your Chakras, and freeing your mind of clutter. GUIDED PRANIC BREATHING & VISUALISATIONS woven over Imbedded Binaural Beats, Solfeggio and magical frequencies create a gentle backdrop to entrain the mind to a more Theta balanced equilibrium. FROM A SPACE OF CALM, DREAM INTO BEING THE BEAUTY IN YOUR LIFE.




The MEDITATIONS & SOUND JOURNEYS are facilitated by Heather, as she weaves a tapestry of relaxing music using Tibetan Bowls / Flutes from around the world / Wind Instruments / Percussion / Voice / Pranic Breathing and  her meditational backing tracks. Heather incorporates music from her Free Spirit Muse and Fluteyloops Solo Projects, as well as some live improvised music created in the moment.

These Meditations are available to all, and will be incorporated in workshops, collaborating with Yoga Studio's and Creative Holistic Arts. Corporate centering and "chill down" sessions are recommended too :-)


Please contact Heather if you would like to organise a  meditation journey at your event or company, or if you are inspired for a collaboration - always keen!

Heather has completed training in the following modalities:

Bachelor of Music Degree and Higher Diploma in Education / Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner Course (Tom Llewellyn) / Reiki Level 1 & 2 / 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) / Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification (Yoga Alliance) / Breath is Life: Pranayama & Meditation course Michaël Bijker (Yoga Alliance) / MBSR Training Certificate / Solfeggio Frequency: Sound therapy & Meditation course Kevin Kockot /

Experienced in facilitating Sound Journeys / Munay-Ki transmissions 

CRYSTAL BOWLS PIC 2_edited.jpg
Free Spirit Muse - Healing Sound Bowl CroppedFree Spirit Muse
00:00 / 03:30
Native American Flute SavasanaFREE SPIRIT MUSE
00:00 / 04:46
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